October 30th, 2002

ponytail girl

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I accomplished breakfast and lunch at Einstien Bagels today. Went for breakfast and a friend of mine who I hadnt seen since HS was there. So Jess and I went back for lunch to see him. Everything was peachy at the doctor's except for the fact that Im a lard butt. I have to get a flu shot now as well, but I didnt want to wait in line for it. Im such a snot. Im so spoiled when it comes to doctors. I got my film developed, and I will have a lot of pics to scan and put online eventually. I should have gotten them on disk, but I was lazy and in a hurry. Got some Yankee candles too. Mmmmm, Yankee. I love Yankee candles. Just wish I could find them discounted. :) Ok, nap time for me kiddies, I'll be back to annoy soon enough.