November 5th, 2002

ponytail girl

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why is it in our own journals, we are still afraid to be who we are? Many of my friends have been commenting on someone on their friends list that they can't stand or can't stand them. But yet they don't delete them. Did you know I am just as guilty? I have a rule as long as I am added to your journal, you're added to mine. Yet I still find myself annoyed with a few. Now don't feel bad and think I am writing this about you. That's not the point. I just want to point out this simple fact. Im too nice. That's my excuse. What's yours?

Sad that even in our own journals, we're still afraid to be ourselves. *shrugs* just thought it was worth pointing out.
ponytail girl

things that annoy me today:

* that damn avril lavrene or whatever girl. I hate punk to begin with, but this new-age punk makes me want to slit my wrists. everything from blink182 to all those other annoying bands. She makes it worse though. why does she wear flippin' tube socks on her arms?? Does she think it's cool? I have news for her. She looks like a burnt out hippie wannabe without the coolness the origional hippies held.

* all the new trends that kids are wearing. I am so glad I graduated HS years ago. not that anyone in my age group is doing much better. i hate name brands and am happy with the fact that i buy my clothes at target. i hate my generation and am proud of the fact that most of my friends are 10 years older than me.

*Christina Aguilra (if I enjoyed these artists, I would learn to spell their names. SUE ME)'s new video. You know, seeing the top of a thong is one thing. Seeing the crotch of your panties is another. Discusting.

*girls who wear thongs "becuase I dont want a panty-line" and have their bra straps hanging out.

More to come Im sure.