November 9th, 2002

ponytail girl

craptacular Part 2 :)

so I didnt go into labor or anything. just been having family time and staying away from the computer. I've talked to Keefus a few times and I am feeling way better. Now Im at the point where I wondered what would make me feel like he was avoiding me in the first place. Just simple little things he does that make me know he loves me. Of course he freaking loves me, if he didn't, he wouldn't have married me! Im such a geek. I just had a bad time, an now Im okay. He gave me his info for AKO, but no news on where we're getting stationed. I think I may go play with his wish list though. I know we have Fort Campbell and Fort Bragg listed. Any other suggestions? Since he's not going Airborne anymore (He has 3 stress fractures) our choices are pretty open.

They're all down watching Windtalkers. I don't think I can do a war movie tonight. They're so hard for me to watch in the first place, and now it seems to be even harder to watch.

I went to Wal-Mart today and about had a fit. I love Xmas. I controlled myself and didnt do any xmas shopping. I think I may this week though. I bought a Pine candle for like 5 bucks, but now Im not allowed to burn it. I hate that dang rule. Like Im planning on burning the house down. I also bought a journal so I can write to the baby. I found this variation on a baby book which is on my Amazon wishlist (although I dont think it is going to stay long, Im going to buy it soon) where I answer questions and stuff. hard to explain but it is pretty neat. Bought a pair of well-needed slippers as well. Lovely. They have no traction and I came down into our front hall off of the stairs and nearly busted my ass.

Tomorrow is Chelsea's bday. She turns 10! I got her 2 fuzzy posters to color. SHHHH!!! Mom and dad got her Kingdom Hearts. I can't wait to try out that game. It looks awesome.

Other than that, nothing too interesting is going on. Im going on 34 weeks, and I can feel it. Although my baby-pudge looks weird. I need to get a photo of it. It's wider on top than the bottom, and my waist line is still intact!! I've always had a skinny waist, big hips and chest, but now I just look silly. Whine, whine, whine. Im so ready to be over this!! Heehee.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. :)