November 16th, 2002

ponytail girl

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when you get rock salt in your eye, it hurts. I got some in my eye on a freak accident. It was not fun. Feels like burning ;)

Im having a day of regret. Not in a bad or a good way. Just wondering what ifs. Things could have been very different in my life. I was at an amazing crossroads about 2 years ago. Someone made a decision that pointed me into the direction I went into. And now he and I both wonder what now. Regret is such a annoying thing.

My parents got another dog! Another Great Dane. She's here temp, but I think they're going to keep her. She's a sweetheart. Im very attached to her already. She's so affectionate and she's fitting in great.

And on that note, I am welcoming Galen, a very good friend of mine myexcuse to livejournal. Yet another psycho to add to my friends list :)