November 20th, 2002

ponytail girl

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the baby is still baking. but i keep thinking something bad is happening so Im on my toes to go to the hospital if I need to. Keith is freaking out over it something fierce. He's informed his whole chain of command about the situation and is having an emergency meeting with his chaplain tonight. He's called me already today to check up on me and has a bunch of ways to get a hold of me, and I have 30 billion to get ahold of him.

Bed rest stinks bad. I hate it. Im bored.

and in other news, I got our assignment and I know where we're getting stationed. It's not Bragg!!!! *GASP* I about had a heart attack. As of 20020428 we will be

Fort Shafter HAWAII!!!!

Can you imagine? Im excited and sad at the same time. I was looking forward to going to bragg. And now Im going to Hawaii!! AAAAHHHH!!!! lol