December 12th, 2002

ponytail girl

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awww!! thank you angelpez, Amy loves me. She said this about me:

pryncesarmywife: Tina, you are too funny. You have been a great friend and I can't believe you already have doesn't seem like it took that long. lol. I hope you have tons of fun in Hawaii, while I sit my butt in this town where you were suppose to be! hahah. I wish you and Keith all the love and luck in the world! *hugs*

Still cant believe she thought I couldnt stand her. Dumbass. *G*

My son's newest nickname is E-Dawg. Compliments of my dad watching Elijah Wood talk about his nicknames. I did massive Xmas shopping today. Bought WAY too much stuff, but all my shopping is finished. Thank Goddess.

Today's entertainment:
My dad was approached at school the other day by some students taking the same class as him. They told him they had "decided to study with him because he looks like Sean Connery." This has gone to my dad's head. Just kiddin dad. :)

Everyone either email or go to Keith's journal and say something mean to him about not following thru with his husband duties. Im neglected. ( or t_ledon)