December 16th, 2002

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So Elijah slept all day. And so did I. And it was good. I ate my husband's peeps. I got them for his stocking, and I ate them. Im bad. Keith, if you want candy in your stocking, you should buy it. I like candy too much. :) There is a little left, and Im giving it to my mom to hide. I've cleaned and organized all of the baby stuff. Need to get all the crap organized on the other side of my room. Tomorrow I get to do laundry. Have to have the room looking nice and tidy for when Keith gets here. Since he's going to be really playing daddy so I can sleep, I should have it looking clean. At least surface clean. I haven't cleaned or done laundry since I was on bed rest. So we're looking at a month. Of course, I never go out and I have a lot of pajamas.

A friend of mine got awesome news... She's having a baby!! Wee! I love following my pregnant friends. Another of my friends was supposed to be due the week after me. And I've already popped. Something tells me she is going to be late. Of course, if she reads this, she's going to kill me when she reads that. Especially if I am right.. lmao.

You know, when I sit and think about where I stood this time last year, I am amazed. It's so true that you can completely change everything around you if you only want to. I'm going to do a year re-cap soon. When I get the energy to type that much. For my newest friends, you will be shocked.

Keith takes his EMT test tomorrow and then has hands on training Wed and Thur. If he passes it he will have his certs and half his training accomplished. If he doesnt he will re-cycle. He'll pass. He loves the medical field and is having the time of his life. :) Everyone send him well-wishes or prayers or whatever it is you do to wish people luck. Or just keep him in your thoughts te next few days! :)
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ponytail girl

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once again...
if you want a freaking Xmas card (and photos of the fan-damily) leave me your address ( I will mail them out probably by New Years. Im tired of asking, and Im sure you're tired of seeing me ask... but if you havent given it to me or don't remember sending it to me, then leave an email.

Thankies and Snoogins