December 19th, 2002

ponytail girl

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so its less than 24 hours now. The kiwi is sleeping. I should be too, but my dad wanted to show me his friend that was in the movie "meet the deedles". I still havent finished cleaning. Every time I get around to it, I get distracted by Elijah. I probably won't sleep tonight. Im just too excited. I'll be up at 5 AM Im sure making myself and Elijah look pretty for daddy. You know, this holiday season, my life is so much better than the last. I have my husband, my baby, actually have money, I can trust the few people I call friends (You guys.. mostly), Im getting along with my parents, I have more than enough reason to celebrate. As Keith said in his post yesterday. He's wealthy. And so am I when I really think about it. Wealth isn't measured in money. It's measured by everything that is not material.

I promise Im not being superficial. I don't mind not getting gifts at all. That's not the major part of Christmas. But my dad came home with a bag containing gifts from my uncle and his family. There were 2 gifts in it. One for Chelsea and one for Elijah. There were no gifts sent from the rest of my dad's family. Grimmy didnt even send anything. My mom said that there is no way my Grimmy wouldn't send me anything. But still, having that come home empty hurt regardless. It's not the gifts. It's the thought. No card, no acknolgement. *sigh* Maybe they're coming late or something. As for the other side of the family, even Keith got gifts! Pretty good for his first Xmas as my husband. They all spelled Elijah wrong. Elijia. Heehee. But, my mom spelled Keith "Kieth" on all his gifts. Good times. *G*
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ponytail girl

Music Post

I forgot to rant about the CD I bought and how I accidently bought the edited version. When the cuss words are sung, they are not merely blanked out. There is a vulgar BEEEEEEP through each one. And I can't take it back. I should give it away, but I don't like the songs they swear in anyways. Stupid edited CDs.

Something is really wrong with me. I like the new Christina Agulera video. I think I may be taking too many (legal) drugs.

I can't find a copy of Praga Khan anywhere but And I CANNOT find a copy of Group X ANYWHERE! Anyone want to make me cds? I can give you a list. Why do I enjoy such obscure music at times? *sigh*