December 23rd, 2002

ponytail girl

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Sorry for the extended leave. I've been spending time with Keith of course. Its so nice having him home. The first night he was back, he let me sleep all night while he took care of Eli. It was good. We've been trading off. It's nice to share taking care of him, and even nicer having him around. I've been enjoying the company. Too bad it's going so fast. But I will only have until the middle of March and he will be back home. Then we'll be on our way to Hawaii. Yea!! I love Xmas. There are so many gifts under the tree and I have done so much shopping. We're probably going to get photos done the end of the week. THen I will send out all the cards. *G* So fun for kids. Well, I will nag Keith to update his journal as well.

Gotta go sit with my boys for Monday Night Football. GO BUCS!!!