December 25th, 2002

ponytail girl

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happy whatever you celebrate.. or don't celebrate. Im still saying have a good day. Merry Yule to us pagans and Merry Xmas to all the Christians...

I had the best Xmess!! Not only was I surrounded by my family, Keith and Elijah... I am superficial and happy for the best gifts ever!! My parents bought me a DVD player, Fay's 12 days of Xmas on video (major xmas tradition, my mom thought I should have a copy *G*), Parenthood on DVD, Belgian Waffle maker, new PJs, robe, slippers, a baby monitor, and a sweet snugli papose thing for Eli. Makes it easy to hold him and type!! YES!

Santa brought Keith and I a digital camera and bag. More pictures will be posted now that I have one. Keith also gave me a stocking with humorous items, 3 wee kiwis, hawaiian candy, a LOTR magazine, SMACK ramen noodles, Oreos, and my parents contributed drug-rep junk (Allegra Tissues and a hep B company notepad).

Jess got me a Denny's mug she stole with a Ren and Stimpy patch in it, Jackass pens, and a Carebear pen. Nice.

Best gifts were from Keith. Bath and body works stuff. and the ultimate thing I wanted more than anything this year... BAZ LURHMANN BEHIND THE RED CURTAIN TRILOGY!!! Moulin Rouge, Romeo and Juliet, stricly ballroom and a bonus CD!! It's the best!! We spent all morning watching DVDs and Keith can quote all of Romeo and Juliet. Good times.

Then, Jason dark_matter3 stopped by to say hello and meet Elijah, it was nice to see him.