December 31st, 2002

ponytail girl

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Five things that 2002 taught me:
1. Happiness is where you make it
2. You create your life. If you're not happy with it, change it.
3. People who say they will always be there for you, won't. Don't trust just anyone with your feelings. Chose your friends wisely.
4. True love never really dies. If you love someone enough, you will come back to each other.
5. Anti-depressants are the most wonderful things in the world (next to my husnand and son of course)

Five personally significant events of 2002:
1. Getting married
2. Being pregnant and giving birth to Elijah
3. Jan-May. The worst months of my life friendship-wise. Of course, good did come out of it.
4. Keith joining the Army
5. coming back to Utah

Five things I want to do in 2003:
1. Enjoy my life with my beautiful son and wonderful husband
2. Make it safely to Hawaii
3. Endure the time Keith might be deployed
4. stay happy!!
5. lose 50 lbs

Five things I don't want to do in 2003:
1. go back to my depression
2. get pregnant again! It's too soon!! lol
3. Have Keith go back for his training even though he has to
4. Disappoint myself with my mothering abilities
5. Depend on anyone but myself and Keith

Five people who I'd like to know better in 2003:
1. Andrea and Mike, since they are the only people I know in Hawaii
2. Keith, I learn more and more about him everyday.
3. Elijah... I can't wait to see him really grow
4. Army people, it's a group I know, but I need to get more involved and stop being scared of my shadow
5. Myself. Sometimes, I amaze myself with things I learn about myself. Such as the ability to get along without Keith while he has been gone these past four months (and next 2 and a half)