January 2nd, 2003

ponytail girl

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We finally got photos taken today. They will be back in 3 weeks. So much for the Xmas cards!! *G* But I may have to wait even longer to have them SHIPPED to me. I am once again moving. This time, Im going back to Tampa to visit the inlaws and share the baby until Keith graduates. So it may be a while until I get to send these out. I know, it seems like Im slacking, but I promise as soon as I can send them I will.

We also bought Boiler Room, Dogma, and the Back to the Future Trilogy today! So now I get to start packing everything and watch movies. Have to help Keith get ready to fly out in the morning. :( Only 8 more weeks! YEA!

I still can't wait until I can stay in a place for longer than 6 months.