January 12th, 2003

ponytail girl

now you all get to see how young I am. lol

1. When John F. Kennedy was shot (11/22/1963)
my mom was 4, my dad was 1.

2. When Mt. St. Helens blew (5/18/1980)
I wasn't born yet

3. When the space shuttle Challenger exploded (1/28/1986)
I was 4...

4. When the 7.1 earthquake hit San Francisco (10/7/1989)
I was 7 and know nothing of it.

5. When the Berlin Wall fell (11/7/1989)
I was 7 and know nothing of it

6. When the Gulf War began (1/16/1991)
I was 9. I remember watching them bomb on TV and worrying about my mom being sent overseas. I was in 3rd grade

7. When OJ Simpson was chased in his White Bronco (6/17/1994)
I was in 8th grade when the trial ended and remember watching the verdict and thinking they were full of poo. (I was 12 when it happened.)

8. When the building in Oklahoma City was bombed (4/19/1995)
I was in 7th grade. We were on our way to band practice at the local high school and my friend Scott's mom told me about it. She told me she had family in it

9. When Princess Di was killed (8/31/1997)
I was just coming home with my boyfriend Robby and I just remember crying over how sad it was. (I was 16)

10. When Bush was first announced President (11/7/2000)
I remember getting all pissy because he is a republican. I was in my first year in college.

11. When the 6.8 earthquake hit Nisqually, WA (2/28/2001)
I dont remember hearing about it.

12. When terrorists knocked over the World Trade Center (9/11/2001)
I was sleeping with my infinite snoozes before I get out of bed to get ready for work. I thought I was having a nightmare, realized what it was and jumped out of bed and turned on the TV. I flipped out crying over my sister since she has to grow up in a world where something like that can happen. Drove out to see the place I eventually moved into since I didnt have to work.
ponytail girl

25 days Amy *G*

my mom kicked me out of the living room b/c she didnt want to watch OZ with me. So she told me to go update my journal. yes, my parents read my journal. Oh joy, oh rapture. Ha.

My best friend Russ and I went out yesterday and did a bunch of garbage. DLed Group X and he fell in love. They're so hilarious. Got Jay and Silent Bob strike back. Good times. We're supposed to go to SL sometime this week. *crosses fingers*

I have so much to get done in the next 5 days. I have an infinite amount of Tina and Elijah laundry. I need to fill perscriptions and get copies of medical records. have to use my WIC vouchers and get more formula and get my WIC paper work.

....and on that note, we cue the music....