January 13th, 2003

ponytail girl

(no subject)

I have nothing important to say. Just felt the need to write in my journal. Once again I make the journey between Tampa and Utah. I've made this trip too many times for my health. Everytime Im running away from something. Everytime I lose more and more friends. I know I will be back in Utah eventually, seeing as my parents live here, but I know I may lose my 2 best friends out here. I've pretty much lost contact with everyone in Utah. In Tampa, I have 2 people I know I will see at some point. I gueess Im at the time in my life were all that matters is family.

I hate laundry. Once again, I need to remind you of that. Laundry is no good. I have 3 massive loads to do. ick ick ick.

I set my mom up a new account for LJ last night. Seems like I have got huge amounts of people addicted to LJ now... Miah, my sister, my cousin, Keith, Jason, Brandun (even though he never goes on any more), someone I used to call a friend (who only used it to talk trash), Laurie, Galen, now my mom. It's my fault for your addictions, heeehee.