January 21st, 2003

ponytail girl

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well, we may NOT be going to hawaii now.

Thing is, Keith was set up with these orders when he was going to jump school. Now that he had decided to not go to jump, they said they couldnt send him there as planned.

So now he has 2 choices...
A) Go to the TMC and prove his stress fractures are healed enough for him to go to jump school and attend. Then we will go to Hawaii as planned.

B) Not go to jump school and we will get sent somewhere state-side (like Fort Knox TX). In this situation, he will most likely be deployed day after he graduates and head over to the sandbox.

Poor Keefus. He's in a rough decisions. It's up to him to pick the lesser of two evils the poor thing.

For those of you who requested photos, they will be sent out tomorrow. Hopefully they will be there soon. If you're ever on Yahoo messenger, feel free to message me, as I have webcam and the Bebe loves to be on it (as some of you have seen).

Hopefully I will have some good news soon.