January 24th, 2003

ponytail girl

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just trying to put Lijah to sleep. He's finally getting somewhat of a predictable pattern. He goes to bed about 10:30-11, sleeps until 5:30-6 AM, eats a little, goes back to sleep until about 8-9. Then he cat naps all day (like 15-20 min. enough for me to get little things done). Takes his big nap around 5-6 PM. He's sleeping through the night somewhat and that's nice. We're getting into the swing of things down here.

pryncessbytch has been extremely bored today at work. Miah has sent me 24 messages at a time, and then 24 more. As if I am not allowed to ever step away from the computer. Mean Ramiah. Wish her husband would get her orders, for the slim to none chance she goes with us to Hawaii. Well, even *if* Eric gets sent overseas (knock on wood) she's coming to stay with us. So glad I finally have a best friend who understands.

Grocery shopping in the morning at the commisary. Gotta pick up stuff for our superbowl party. This town is crazy already. I can only imagine if we do win. Gotta love it when your hometeam goes this far *G* Everyone better be cheering for the Bucs, or else I will smack ya.

Keith starts shopping for my Bday tomorrow. Just so I can have a package sit there and stare at me for the next two weeks. dammit. lol

Well, Kiwi is sleeping, so I think Im going to head there soon.