January 29th, 2003

ponytail girl

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so tomorrow should be eventful.
things I have to accomplish:
-my appoinment with WIC at 8:15 AM
-going to Wachovia and getting things finally worked out
-go to the book store for Keith
-get my rx filled.

then friday I can go get my manicure. :) Yea! I will be sending out an email with my new contact info in case anyone should like it. (such as for my bday...heeehe)

Speaking of my bday... Ramiah can't make it (but she;s burning me a bunch of CDs to make up for it) and my babysitters backed out today. You know, I think I just may go to dinner and give up on the "bar-hopping" idea. It's just another bday. :)
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