February 1st, 2003

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How do you know you're addicted to LJ? You get your news in someone's post.

I came home from the commisary to read posts and saw mel1979 and erikdravn's posts. They got up this morning and saw the space shuttle blow up. So then I found out about it and turned on the news. Sad, sad. :(

In better news, angelpz, knicole1979 and andrea_p... your bday cards are in the mail. I know some are late and some are early, but you'll get over it, right? :)
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here are some links to mel1979's webpage and the pics she took this morning of the space shuttle. Just in case anyone wants to be curious and go look:

Mike and Mel, hope you two are doing okay with this mess. I've been checking your journals continuosly to see your updates.
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*throws ya'll some beads*

I'll be watchng theparade on TV. Not attending this one. Waiting until the 15th to go to the night parade. I love Feb. Gasparilla, my bday this Friday, the state fair that weekend, then Valentines and the night parade. Next in line is March with the <3 Ren Fest!! <3
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1. do you filter posts?

2. how do you filter them?

3. do you filter me out?

4. what groups do I get filtered in?

just curious. pls respond :)
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ok stupid tina is readjusting the questions.

1 = do you keep people out of some of your posts?

2 = what groups do you filter your friends into?

3 = same

4 = what filtered groups am I included in