February 4th, 2003

ponytail girl

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well, I havent made much effort of writing about where we're going. Truth is we really don't know. Keith had to pass his PT to be able to pass classes and go to jump. He was worried about it because of his stress fractures. He passed completely. Then this whole weekend, his legs started swelling and he was in a lot of pain. He had to make an appointment to go into the TMC. Yesterday, while there, they found a calcium buildup and couldnt exactly figure out where the fracture was, but there is definitly a severe one. He's now on crutches. Jump school is totally out of question now. He's probably going to get recycled 2-6 weeks back. Hopefully not too long because he's talking about me moving to Texas to be closer to him which will be almost impossible. So there's no news. Im in Ramiah's boat now.

In other news, my bday gift from Keith is on the counter and I am not allowed to touch it until Friday night. *scowl* I am supposed to be thinking about where I want Mom and Carrie to take me to dinner. Im thinking Bennigan's. I just want to go somewhere with cool drinks :) We're then going to come home and get completely trashed hahah. Well, except mom b/c she's taking Eli for the night. Don't worry, hes not getting neglected.

I also bought everyone in my family Bucs shirts. Need to get them sent out pretty soon. Anyone else like one? I know where I can get some good deals :)

ok- - Im out. Gotta go play with the bebe before Dynasty.
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