February 7th, 2003

ponytail girl

bday update

so at 12:01 AM I bought a Doc's hardlemonade and Ramiahpryncessbytch, Brandonloki4691, and Saralacsadal witness my first legal drink via webcam. Shawn notpmekts tried, but dialup made this not work.

Gifts I recieved:
Christina gddss89: Rocky Horror Picture Show on VHS
Ramiah pryncessbytch: home made CDs (songs that suck so much you love them [it's awesome]), New Kids on the Block GREATest Hits, 3 NIN mixes, No doubt return of saturn, and U2 best of 90-00
Travis: 4 RockStars and a in-process burn copy of REJECTED and Battle Royale
Mom and Dad Erickson: a charm braclet with a boy face
Jacque: in process of engraving the bracelet for me and a pretty card

and the gift everyone has been wondering about, Keith sent me a carat heart-shaped diamond solitare with 2 half carats on the side (all hearts) with a white gold band. It's the engagement ring I've always wanted!!

As for drinking.. I have consumed:
* Death by chocolate Martini
* Irish Mudslide
* Split a pitcher of bud light with mom
* Split another with dad.

Now, going to get more of my drink on ;)