February 10th, 2003

ponytail girl

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my kid.

he went to bed last night at 12. He woke up this morning at 8. He then took about 2 oz and went to sleep until 11 AM. He's like his mama. He's a night owl. :) He can get up on his arms and holds his head up well. He's finally taking a pacifier, but he wants to be held constantly and fusses if he's ignored. He likes to lay on the floor and look at his floor toy. He likes his swing too, but has a tendancy to nap in it so he gets mad at it. He usually likes to nap on the couch, put right in the crack part. He's a goofy kid already. He has an additude that he knows when he wins. I knew Keith and I were going to be in trouble when we combined our personalities. :)

Mom's making homemade strawberry shortcake. Should be interesting. Keith's old boyscout leader is coming over to have dinner with us. It's always a laugh to sit around and make fun of Keefus. :) And just in case anyone is wondering, I have not drank anything since my bday. Not because I was hung over, but because I havent felt like it. There's nothing fun about drinking alone you know.
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