February 14th, 2003

ponytail girl

ok, I'll bite

1. depeche mode
2. Nine Inch Nails
3. tori amos (nt a group, oh well)
4. Bryan Adams (not a group, oh well)
5. the Cure
6. Duran Duran
7. Stabbing Westward
8. Sublime
9. u2
10. snake river conpiracy

1. moulin rouge
2. kevin smith "jay and silent bob" movies. (chasing amy, clerks, mallrats, dogma, JASBST in that order)
3. a clockwork orange
4, the Dark Crystal
5. the crow
6. Bram Stoker's Dracula
7. the last unicorn
8. any Adam Sandler movies, but mostly little nicky
9. Battle Royale
10. nightmare before Xmas.

I have a thing for cartoons. :)
ponytail girl

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battle royale is a good movie. Has anyone other than me seen it? It's hard to find, so prob not. I spent this morning searching the sites to try and order a copy sometime. Good stuffs.

So I decided to be sweet last night (*GASP* what did come over me???) and sent Keith some virtual vday cards since he wont get his package until next week. Then out of pure boredom, I sent Shawn (notpmekts) some where around 15 cards. He was having a horrible night and knew today was going to be worse, so out of my generous self, I spent like an hour to make sure I annoyed him fully this morning. Told you to be prepared. I just didnt say for what.

My sister (moshtater) is soooo swanky! Jess, you know you're going to call me while you're in BCT! I'll try to write you letters, but you know Im a slacker. Just don't veto me, ok? Say Hi to LULU for me! *MUAH*

So happy valentines day everyone!! Remember, I love you, thats enough reason to smile. Even if you're single, the Tina loves you. Now, isn't that the best gift to get? Tina Luvins.

EVERYONE GETS MUCHO GRANDE SNOOGINS!!!!!!!! too bad no one will get them IRL, just virtual luvins *G*