February 15th, 2003

ponytail girl

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Crowded House - Don't dream it's over. it's on the radio right now.

Jess I miss you. This song reminds me of you.

What is it about this song that makes me cry like a baby? Also makes me miss Keith too much.
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ponytail girl

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There he stands in camouflage....yet he cannot hide from you.
You can pick him out in a crowd, and can eye his stride among a formation.
There he goes, away from you again,
off to do his part and be his best,
leaving you in his wake -
never "behind" yet always longing for his return.

There you are, amidst boxes and paper and confusion, creating a home, designing a household, transforming a building into a loving, nurturing, comfortable environment. Memories will be made here. Events will be celebrated. Children will be born, graduate, grow, change. Your family will evolve. Your love will increase. Your marriage will improve. And you will then be asked to leave it all...again.

There are those who do not understand... Who cannot comprehend, what it takes to fulfill your role, to fill your shoes, to be all that you need to be.

They marvel at times.
Criticize at others.
Seldom appreciate.
Cannot imagine.

There are those moments, when you are where they are. When you marvel, criticize, lack comprehension, and are unable to muster understanding. And then he appears at the door, or on the phone, or through a rumpled letter addressed to "my love" and suddenly there is comprehension, and understanding, affirmation and conviction.

For by his presence, through his voice, in his message you KNOW that you've been beckoned to a noble calling, when asked to be a military spouse.

Invited to support a soldier who allows freedom, who guards democracy, who instills leadership.
And in your role you see a slice of life that few others have the privilege to experience...
- flags appear more brilliant to you...
- parades draw out more emotion for you...
- a patriotic song is a musical message played just for you...
- a hand-over-the-heart is as stirring as an embrace for you...
- a parting kiss can hold you for months...
- a welcome-back embrace can fill you up from lonely months...
- a gravemarker is a stark reminder of the meaning of devotion...
- a tear shared is a stark statement on the meaning of sacrifice...
- a duffle bag on a baggage claim gives you pause and connection...
- an eagle's soar gives you inspiration.

There you are...
The military spouse.
The one asked to be strong.
The one willing to belong.
The one who is often required to do it all.
The very one who is privileged to stand beside a true American- day in and day out.

How God has blessed us.
How He has rewarded us.
There are military spouses around the world, beside soldiers, airmen, marines and sailors.
They share a bond, a unity and a duty- to be there, always for their hero.

There are no better...anywhere.

Author Unknown