March 3rd, 2003

ponytail girl

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so I have a decent update to make. Overjoyed, aren't you? I knew you would be. (sorry having a Nightmare Before Xmas moment)

We went to the Strawberry Festivalyesterday. Didn't get the shortcake. Opted for a funnel cake instead. For all you hayseeds out there, if you listen to country music, you suck. =) With that said, I saw Vince Gill, for free. You didn't. How you like them apples? Heehee.

Back in the day Keith and I had necklaces with the "miztpah" prayer or what not on them... "watch between me and thee..." yadda yadda. Over the course of our 8 years, neither of us kept ours. I found some at the fair, keychain style, engraved them and brought them home. Keith's is in the mail.

Eli had his 2 month (a month late) check up today. He's 10 lb, 21 and a half inches. The doctor said I made a wise choice putting him on cereal. Due to his weight he should be!! YAY!! Im a good mom!! He peed all over the doctor, his blanket, the examining table... lol Nice, isn't it? He seems to do that at the most wonderful moments. He loves to pee on doctors. lol. We've gotten him to sleep alone in his basinette for long times. He slept last night from 10:15 to 7 this morning! And he just went down for another nap. YAY!! =) He's getting so big it's insane.

My sister left for BCT today. Hope she's doing okay