March 5th, 2003

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keith started FTX this morning. He has one day set up, one day briefing, one day take down and 4 days of war simulation. Poor thing. Good thing is Medics get nice stuff in the field for the most part, AC in the barracks, hot running water. Bad things are MREs and the 6 MI road march he gets to do right before he will actually be IN the army. Can you believe he's been training for 8 months and he's still not actually IN the army? lol. When he gets back in on Tuesday after the march, they will line them up and pin the 91W pin on them. Wish I could be in TX for that. But he graduates at 7AM on Friday of next week. If all goes well, *crossing my fingers* he'll be able to take his two weeks of leave, which he is approved for, hop on a bus Friday at 12:30 and be here Sat. at 2:30. Nothing is ever for sure. No news on our orders, but Keith says that they are prob going to stay the same, they just needed to change the dates. If there is nothing there by Friday, Im supposed to call his chain of command and ask questions and see if they've heard anything. Yay for phone phobia.

So now I just have to keep myself busy for the next week. Any of you girls think this gets the hardest when you have an exact date? That and I've gotten so spoiled with Keith having a cell so I can call him every night and talk for an hour or two.

I feel like Ramiah now... constantly checking my ASK account to see if we have any news. *goes to check again* Still "no data available". Dang. Im going to take a nap now. =(
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