March 13th, 2003

ponytail girl

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ready for more wonderful Army drama? =) I swear the news changes everyday.

Keith will be in Ft Hood tomorrow. he prob won't be able to make any travel arrangements for us until monday, so I should be out sometime next week, probably. Later in the week. We can get a double move, but it may cost us extra to move out of Utah. Some more good news, which I am trying not to believe too much, was something one of his CO's told him today. Ft Hood is a ghost town because of everyone deployed. There is a good chance he may just get stuck in a Med Clinic and not go over seas. Im trying not to depend on this, but I figure, I've got the worst in mind... and accepted, the only things I can hear now is good news.

My life is one big superduper rollercoaster I can't control anymore. lol