March 14th, 2003

ponytail girl

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well, as of 9 AM Central time this morning, Keith graduated and officially became a 91 W in the Army. Needless to say I am proud (and freaking out! lol). The training is FINALLY over. Which means we can (somewhat) get our lives together and start making something... He called me this morning just to talk to me while he was getting ready. He was all excited over the new stuff that got put on his Class A's. I guess his grandparents were there and they were supposed to take pics. I would assume Keith is on the bus on his way to Ft Hood. He was supposed to call me sometime today, but nothing yet. Im just itchin to know what's going on and I hate being out of the loop without control. I have to know EVERYTHING that's going on at EVERY second or I start freaking out. Yay.

I think I found a new obsession. We'll see how long it lasts. Evanescence. It's a band I saw on MTV2 last night. I guess theyre in some movie or something. Of course, the minute I find out they're popular I won't like them anymore. But I've only heard the one song and nothing else about them. Their "genre" that Launch has them under is nothing I would listen to. It's that horrible raprock garbage. But they're not too bad. So we'll see how long I like them... lol

And big snoogins to the new people on my friends list....... jay_m_elle, ladykaboom, truelove829, kendramoon, like_a_virgin, nayfie, and slimd. I have no idea how all of these new people keep finding my journal (let alone what makes them think I am interesting.... lol) but hey, the more the merrier, right? =)
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