April 4th, 2003

ponytail girl

(no subject)

ok, I am in Killeen. So far I like it here. I have good neighbors (that let me use their computer! YAY!). My cell is dead on minutes right now. So I can't call/get calls. We wont be able to make the payment until it is actually due, which is next weekend. Im so feeling out of the loop! There's a few people I needed to talk to big time! Took us 3 days to get water though. Finally got that and that was real nice! YAY! For those of you that I was supposed to have called Im sorry, I had good reson, and I will get working on that soon.

Ok, well I dont want to sit on Brandy's computer all day, so if you had an important post, let me know! Hope everyone is well! =)