April 18th, 2003

ponytail girl

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ok, so my update since I've been slacking. We have a car now (a metallic green '99 Pontiac GrandAm GT nice, but proof of what happens when you send a man to buy a "family car". At least it has four doors and a lot of trunk space. And we got a good deal with the MILES program). Our house is completely set up minus the furniture and junk in Utah. We're working on getting that next week. Keith starts his 10 days Tuesday (plus his 3 and a half day weekend this weekend). This is good because he gets it over his birthday next Sat. =) He gets promoted today, and I guess Im involved. His E7 was practically begging me to come to the ceremony today. I guess I get to stab him with his new rank. Fun for kids. lol.

Well, share the love and call me if you like. I have no life =) Actually, I need to move my ass so I can be ready to go when Keith comes home for lunch =)