July 10th, 2003

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A decent update since I havent in a while. I've just been slacking.

I called the college of cosmotology to get info today. I need to do something soon with my life considering Im just bored all the time. I need to get Eli enrolled in some form of child care so he can be around other kids. He needs the company. Being around me all the time must be boring. LOL. Im considering selling Avon, but Im just not sure right now. Im afraid of getting trapped in a scam and not being able to bring in enough money to make it worthwhile. Maybe I will get the info on these classes and be intrigued. They were so nice on the phone so I think I would like it. And it's not like they don't understand military wives. With Keith going to Iraq more than likely sometime next year, I need to have something to keep my mind off of it. School will do that. So we'll see.

I've been walking with my neighbor about a mile every night. It's been a pain to get motivated, but it's working out. Maybe I will lose my "baby weight", hopefully more. At least walking and cutting out the crap makes me feel like I am doing something. Raising my self esteem slightly.

Keith and I are having pre-deployment jitters with him leaving for NTC Monday morning. We keep fighting about stupid crap. It's getting annoying. I've gone without him before, so this shouldn't be too hard. Just boring. Makes me wish I knew more people here.

August is rolling around. I guess my plans for August that were supposed to happen are not happening. A friend of mine was supposed to come visit, but I guess that isn't happening. It's just as well, I guess. Im feeling pretty pessimistic anymore. lol

Hope all is well in LJ land. Snoogans to ya'll =)
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