September 8th, 2003

ponytail girl

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well, fun. I get to clean up my buddy list. Seems within the last week, I have lost quite a few people. I am assuming I know why, and it's really stupid. Oh well. Let people do what they like.

If you've decided you don't like me anymore, go ahead and delete me. Im half tempted to make another journal and start over. I won't take offense if you want to jump on this bandwagon. Just remember I will think you're being silly.
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ponytail girl

(no subject)

the joys of having lj again means lots of stupid posts during the day. YAY!

Tonight is the opening game (go bucs) and Im itching for it to start. Of course, it's on until late and I have to be up at 4 AM to go see my sister graduate from AIT down in SanAntonio. Should make for an interesting morning.

And I know everyone has been missing the Elijah updates. He's got 6 teeth now, saying mama dada and duck, efficently walks along the couches and tries to climb the stairs. He's too curious and gets into anything and everything he's not allowed to have. His favorite act of mommy's annoyance is peeking out the window blinds. He eats constantly. He's usually very happy and loves to bug me =) Oh and he loves the Price is Right. I have a new pic of him, I just have to shrink it and I will post it on here. =)
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