September 10th, 2003

ponytail girl

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hey, here's a concept. You're a immature pathological liar. Hmm. Good for you. I don't hide behind "friends only" because I dont care. And you know what else? Ive never mentioned names. I wouldnt want my "friends" harassing you. Grow up and leave us alone. We want nothing to do with you. We cut ties. So talk all the lies and nonsense you want in your hidden journal, everyone living here knows the truth. Get over yourself.

And with that being said, I will never mention anything about this again.
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ponytail girl

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my best friend just called me. she got into a wreck this morning. as she was driving in a residential area to pick up a girl for carpool, she saw a truck w/trailer on the left side. She saw no lights and thought he was parked. She went to go around him and he hit her, claiming he was turning. Her car ended up flipping over and sliding down the road. Luckily, she waslked away fine and as did her son (hes almost 4 m). Her daughter walked away with only a scratch. They went to the ER and they barely looked at her, so we're hoping everything is okay.

Keith has been in a really grouchy mood today. We did go to bed at 8 last night, but he still is exausted. He got sick at PT and made it his goal to not do anything too productive. He's spent the morning rearranging aid bags. Hopefully he comes home in a much better mood.

Elijah is eating a Ren & Stimpy patch my seester gave me for Xmas. He thinks it's his new toy. I caught him up 6 stairs this morning. Next purchase? Baby gate! Now that we have extra money back, we can afford it. He won't take a nap this afternoon, just wants to scream at me. So Im going to try again in a half an hour. He doesnt understand that mommy needs a nap =)

I cooked breakfast and lunch today. Im such a Suzie Homemaker =) Want to get back into my habit of cooking again. And that is my interesting post for the day =)
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