October 2nd, 2003

ponytail girl

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Oh do I have a story that is going to make everyone laugh... and it involves a few of my close lj friends.

But first off, let me say, I just watched the BEST Will & Grace I have seen in a long time. I fell off the couch laughing tonight.

Ok, well, after reading Niki knicole1979's post, I decided I wanted to broil steak. My lovely husband decided to freeze it with the lid half off, so for fear of frostburn, I dethawed it. Well, come 6, it wasn't thawed out. So I told Ramiah pryncessbytch what I should do. She informed me to throw it in the microwave. I have an awesome microwave, but I dont know how to defrost things in it. It has a few instructions on it, you know, time to cook potatoes, veggies, etc. Well, on defrost, it says "see manual". Fine and dandy, but like everything I own, it's in Utah. So I throw it in for a few minutes. It thaws out. Im thinking, ok, the setting on the oven that says broil looks good. BUT, maybe I should ask someone. I wait and wait and wait, and Niki never signs on. So I ask Amy angelpez if she knows how to broil steak. She says, ASK ELLA babyinga! YES, Ella is wise and knows much about cooking. No email and Im hungry. So I just throw it on a baking sheet and throw the broil on and toss it in the oven. Then I go on google and search for "broil steak". After 5 min of searching, it says something about 2 min. So I haul over to the stove and flip it. It seemed ok, but looked blah. So I just threw it in a pan and cooked it. It turned out ok, but I think it was a little frost-bitten. Now I get on the computer and there is an email from Ella, who was laughing at me like Im a retard (in love, I know, all in love). Seems I needed a broiler or something.

Oh, the joy of me being domestic. I know ya'll need a laugh, so there you go.

Oh, and everyone go to Ramiah's journal and look at how fat she is. And she's still got 5 weeks to go (she's pregnant! Im not that mean. ok, maybe I am.)
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