October 10th, 2003

ponytail girl

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So my friend Laurie is in the hospital right now having a bebe. she was a week late and got induced today. She'll probably be posting in her lj either Sunday or Monday. The docs told her yesterday that her bebe was going to be at least 9 lbs. Poor kid. lol

In other entertaining news (SARCASM ALERT), AOL has called me with the offer of broadband for AOL. The only reason Im using AOL in the first place is it's free. Now, I can get AOL broadband for 45 days for a dollar. After that, it's about 30 a month added to my normal payments. I know that is about average between 50-60 but I dont even like AOL. I only use it for one reason, FREE. But I told them I would take the trial and cancel at 45 days. Anyone have any opinons of AOL broadband? Just wonderin'.
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