December 1st, 2003

ponytail girl

tday/bday/thank yous/WIC/Omaha

so I need to write out my Thanksgiving/Eli's bday post... yesss... well, we wanted to drive to Dallas to see mel1979 and erikdravn since it was Mel's bday too, but our finances didn't like us. So I got an offer from some of the members on a mailing list I am on to come over for their Thanksgiving feast and they will throw a little party for Elijah.

So, I FORCED my antisocial shy anxiety ridden bootie out to Cove to meet some people. I had an amazing time. We went to Joe and Lynn's house, which was a huge house I fell in love with. It helped they had one of my fav paintings hung on the wall. The food was so good too. We ate outside and it was freezing. lol. Eli of course got all the attention and everyone loved him. heehee. Everyone kept calling him a flirt. He is a big big one. I got to meet Althena which was SO AWESOME. She and I had been emailing back and forth and have become almost immediate friends. She was so much fun. I met ANOTHER person just like the Tina. Help the world... lol. The best part of the night was after we ate, we all sat in the living room with music on, candles and incense going, drinking and chatting. I have been offered an oppurtunity to learn to make soaps as well and I am overly excited about that!

Elijah gives everyone who sent him gifts lots of hugs and love....Collapse )

Eli went crazy on his cake too. We have pics, but I have to upload them and Im lazy ;).

Speaking of lazy, I need to call and try to make appt again today. they didnt have anything available last week, but they should now. I have to go to WIC tomorrow so I will know how far down the height/weight chart Eli is. lol. They have to check his iron and he is not going to be happy with that idea. He won't be too happy with the check-up either. Gotta love shots.

So yesterday, we had a black hawk helicopter land in the field behind our house. Why, we don't know. Keith heard the noise and went out and looked. Said it was flying crappily and it just landed. It's still back there this morning. Probably something mechanical went kappoot. THEN Keith went to 7-11 to get me a fountain drink (mmm, fountain drinks... lol) and a woman collapsed in the parking lot so he had to wait with her until the ambulance came. THEN he drives home and hits some nails in the road. Popped a tire. So he's driving on a donut which is all crooked and crappy. He left the car at work this morning so it wouldnt pop. So this is fun... we need diapers and rent is due today. We have no money to fix the tire. Ah, gotta love emergencies. I should put a link to my paypal and beg for money on my lj... maybe I have a billionare secretly in love with me reading my lj wanting to give me money. AHAHAHAH. Thought that was amusing.

We're considering driving to Omaha for Xmas. I wanted Amanda and Jessica to come here for Xmas, but Jess bought her plane ticket early. So everyone minus my parents are going to be in Omaha. No one in Omaha has seen Eli yet other than my Grandparents when he was born. My parents even think it's a good idea. It would save everyone on shipping and my family loves Keith and I know would love to see him before he deploys. Just a thought. We need to work out money/time issues. It depends on the moving situation as of right now. Still no orders. Yeesh. Silly Army, we need to move! I don't think it will take us more than a few days to move, but we still need a time-figure.

Well, this has turned into a novel. Just got started and kept going. Good thing I need more coffee. Hope everyone has a craptacular day. (what is it about the word crap that can be added to any suffix and make a cool word? crap is just crapalicious! lol Im a dork hahah)
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