December 3rd, 2003

ponytail girl

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Eli went to WIC yesterday... he's measuring at right below 20 lbs... he's 27 in long. His iron was good though. The nutritionist was very impressed by his diet though. Says I am feeding him great food and a wonderful variety. His height is below the charts though, but I know he's short. Everyone kept commenting on how short he is. But he's growing just fine on the charts. So nah. lol. We'll have to see what the docs say next week. He didnt even care when they poked his finger. he just looked at the nurse like why are you holding my hand still. lol. He chewed his bandaid right off. I have to get him weaned off of his bottle in the next 2 months. So everytime he wants a bottle, I have to put water in it. At least half of his bottles. So as of right now, he only gets a bottle with meals. Will be weaning to even less soon. I got some pics of him eating his cake, but right now theyre too big to post so I will have to deal with them later. But they will be up soon enough =)