December 18th, 2003

ponytail girl

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the oil has been changed, the tires have been balanced, keith talked to the dealership today. We have a 50mi towing service and our warranty is covered at all Pontiac Dealerships. Yay. So in the off chance that something happens while we're driving, we'll be just peachy. I cleaned up our downstairs bathroom, the kitchen, picked up what I could in the living room. It's a bit hard when there's a monkey underfoot though. Gotta sweep/mop the floors and vaccuum the carpet.

I've talked to Grimmy and my dad so far this morning while enjoying more coffee with french vanilla creamer. Still debating the amount of socializing I want to do at this dinner tonight. Free food and free drinks sounds good.... but it is Must See TV night... and well, Im addicted. Haha.

Well, Keith's home for lunch, so Im headin off to bug him =D
ponytail girl

I am *so* playing the lotto in Omaha

So we went to that party. had a good time. left before the open bar opened. They had a raffle though. Ive never been in one before. But wouldn't you know it... all THREE of us won!! Eli won (well, I had his ticket) a stocking full of books and crayons. I won a 25 dollar gift certificate to Outback and Keith won a 25 dollar gift certificate to Olive Garden. We gave Ben the one to Olive Garden though... didn't want TOO many prizes. Not bad to win 3 prizes out of about 15. =D

And thank you soooo much to andrea_p for my Yule gift. A 2 month paid LJ. YAY! Thanks Andrea! Now I just need to figure it all out again... hahah =D