December 25th, 2003

ponytail girl

the xmas rundown

ok, so here's the thanks for my gifties... if I can remember who gave me what:

Keith: a diamond bracelet

Mah Parents: they came to Omaha!! They brought me their kitty (Im adopting him to keep me company while Keith is gone), some PJs, socks, a BAD ASS Coffee CO. T-shirt, Ghiradelli Chocolate Coffee Assortment, a "foreman" grill, LOTR book set, tool set, Bed Head Hair shampoo/conditioner/hairgel, an Xbox w/ 2 games, Johnny Cash CD, a calender (that has a bulldog that says "life with a princess is a pain in the ass"), and a wardrobe for Eli and enough toys to fill up a room =D

Chelsea: a fold out mirror that says Princess on it. Grimmy: a foreman grill w/ bun warmer (gotta warm them! heehe), a perfume set "Divine" (she got it for the name, reminded her of me she said).

Grandma and Grandpa Minor: a blender! YAY! Jessica: a Jack Skellington braclet, a coffee mug that says "property of the princess", sweet pea body cream, coconut lime lotion, a Smore making gift set, a smore ornament, and a grumpy bear keychain

Mandy: a gift set from Lancome with eyeshadow, mascara and 2 lip glasses <3! My lip stuff glosses in: Lemondade, strawberries and cream, strawberries and chmapange, raspberry tea, chai, pumpkin pie, butter cookies, and a chocolate Avon gloss.

Aunt Lisa and CO: a gift certificate to Targhetto

Uncle Mike and CO: a new towel/bath set

Aunt Nett and CO: a mixer/blender/beater set

I think that is all for now, but we made out really well. Question is going to be getting home. Now that will be an adventure! =D

Hope everyone had a merry yule!