June 14th, 2004

ponytail girl

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Happy anniversary to Keith and I. Yay. 2 years down. lol. I could insert some sappiness about how much I love him and some other mushy discusting crap. But I won't. I will say that I am very lucky and that Im so glad we have the relationship that we have. Come What May.

And for my present, I got some awesome news. Since he went on the line, they decided to give him R&R. Guess that means you risk your life for the army and you get benefits. I got the dates today. It's the last week of August. I am obviously very excited. it's been something to definitly have me looking forward to.

Spent most of the night watching flash movies. So I recieved another great quote, "is there anywhere on the internet you havent been?" - ramiah. Always have to have some entertaining link to send my friends. =)