I'm just a boring example of everybody else (the_tina) wrote,
I'm just a boring example of everybody else

WHUT UP 16 year old tina...

so that should show you, you will never grow out of being an idiot. lol. Im here to force my opinion on you. So get over it and listen.

So you're 16, living the good life in Florida. Must be nice, having friends that will be around forever right? Wrong. A year from now, your life with be uprooted and you're moving to Utah. Yes, Utah. Don't act so shocked. It's more fun than you think. I know, I know, you're supposed to live with your friend. It won't work out. Just go. It's gonna suck, but THERE you will meet some amazing people.

Your best friend now? Colby? yeah, that's not a pretty picture. I won't tell you why or how, just know, 6 years from now, he won't be there. But I will tell you, you will meet a guy online, Russ. You'll see his name on a profile and send him an email. He will become one of the best friends you've ever had. Through thick and thin, no matter how long you're not talking, you can always depend on him for support. You're two different extremes, but somehow, you'll find a medium.

Remember Keith? Everything you're feeling ain't a joke. You two will get back in touch again (like you always do). You'll have it rough, but be strong. You'll have to work for it, but eventually, you two will have life you talked about when you were 12. I know, I know, you think you know everything and that you're too different and it won't work out. But it will. Just believe in love and jump head first. You will and you won't regret it.

You know those people you live with? The PARENTS? *shudder*, right? You couldnt be more wrong. Sure you think they don't know what theyre talking about but (haha, 22-year mom and dad are gonna love this) THEY ARE RIGHT. It's gonna take you a few years out of the house to realize how good you have it, but yeah, your parents are pretty kick ass. Sure you're annoyed with how they treat you, but they know what theyre talking about. And 6 years from now, you won't be around them as much and you'll miss them like crazy. You'll think about how much of an inspiration they are to you and how much you love them. You will hope you will be able to raise your kids as well as they raised you. AND you will call them so often they will get annoyed. =)

You're going to settle for less. Smooth. You're going to drop out of college... but you know that already. You know what you want to do in life, you're just an idiot. Eh, I shouldnt be so hard on you, but you deserve it. You're just going to make a lot of stupid decisions. Your life isnt so bad now... but I am where I am because you decided to make the decisions you did. And you won't grow out of it. Tina, you always think with your heart instead of you head. And that's a good thing... but boy have you gotten yourself hurt. One day you won't be the same happy outgoing silly person you are now. You will be bitter. But that's not always a bad thing. You will have new things to enjoy in your life.

Oh and learn to appreciate telletubbies. 6 years from now, you'll be forced to watch them.
and your sister won't always be the dork she is now =)

Love, 22 year old tina
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