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ponytail girl

June 2010

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February 9th, 2006

ponytail girl

(no subject)

Neopets is the stupidest website ever, but they have the most addictive games.  Im dragging myself away long enough to make a post, lol.

So as some of you know, Tuesday was my 24th bday.  And thank you everyone for the bday wishes.  They were well read and loved.  I didnt comment on them because I am a horrible commentor, but you already know that, lol.  It was a pretty decent day.  First thing in the morning I had Bridget (jesshobbs and dgtlghost's daughter) call and sing me Happy Birthday.  Nothing like having a 3 and half year old do that.  it was hella cute.  Then she asked me if I had Eli so she could talk to him, lol.  Keith came home for lunch and gave me my gift wrapped Tina style in tin foil and duct tape.  It was the first season of Scrubs.  He took me out later that afternoon for a movie and dinner.  We saw Broke Back Mountain, which was excellent.  And I was highly amused by the part Juarez played in it (for those that dont know, its in Mexico and El Pasoans can spit on it when we walk out the door). He took me for a candle light dinner at Johnny Caraba's.  Nice atmosphere, but not good food.  I had a decent bday and Keith put forth a ton of effort for me and I was very happy.  Only thing missing was the cake.  But he got me it yesterday along with a card joking about being late since he's married into the West family :)

Speaking of the West family, no one sent me a gift.  No one does on time.  We're skerd of the post office.  It's become an on-going joke now.  My mom said my gift was fragile, so thats why it didnt get mailed, but it still made for a laugh between Keith and I when it came to my family sending gifts.  I did however get many phone calls and that was nice.

Miah didnt go into labor on my bday so her daughter won't share my middle name.  Sad.  She's never going to have her kid though, I'll probably pop before she does.

I went in for my 31 week check up yesterday.  The nurse midwife basically told me that they don't believe in bed rest here, but if they did, I would be on it.  Hard to believe that in 3 weeks with Elijah I had a baby.  34 weeks isnt that far off.  It's no wonder Im freaking out.  So she told me to take it easy and if I have 4 contractions in an hour to come into labor and delivery.  My mom on the other hand that pointed out something humorous to me though.  She said that shes seen patients that had a preterm labor go on bedrest and go way over 40 weeks, lol.  After seeing how fat and miserable Miah is, Im not wanting to do that.  All they are asking for is for me to make it another month.  Im still nesting and I feel like I have too much to do so thats keeping me going.

Tomorrow this bedset goes on sale for Eli, so we'll be able to finally set up the nursery.  The bed is really cool. Its a loft bed with a slide and a tent on the bottom.  Its more than we wanted to spend, but twin beds are hard to find in the style I wanted without being bunk beds.  And its really cool.  I know Keith and I both would have loved one as a kid.

My hands are starting to hurt now.  I have the braces, but typing for extended periods still stinks.

p.s. happy bday to amy who shares my bday!  I wasnt online much that day so I didnt say anything, but happy belated bday angelpez!!!