April 25th, 2006


I should be sleeping...

But Im not.  Both kids are crashed.  Eli actually passed out at 7:15.  That never happens.  I thought he was sneaking into stuff, but sure enough, he was sleeping.  So Ive been cleaning like crazy.  Im so irritated with my vacuum though.  It leaves lines of Stockton fur in the carpet.  Long haired white persian cats are not cool.  Although I think he would disagree.  You can tell where his favorite spots are to lie, he leaves piles of fur on them.  Like the back of my love seat or my side of the bed.  I need to wash my sheets tomorrow.  They look white, even though they're black.  Gross.

I cleaned out the front closet, which was a crap hole.  I think Keith just threw miscellanous crap in there.  I threw so much stuff away.  Then I had to drag the trashcan to the curb.  That was a feat since it hadn't gone out last week.  I hate that the trashcans are taller than me.  I feel like it's going to fall on me when I drag it.  But the closet is cleared out and looks organized.  My front room is looking a bit cleaner too.  Ive gotten all the laundry done, so Im happy about that.  Including all the baby stuff Ella sent me home with.

Anybody know anything about SUVs or have recommendations (I totally typed out SVU at first, lol.  Im SO not addicted though)?  Only thing I know are Explorers and Broncos (long live Curtis!!), and someone refuses to buy Fords.  So Im at a total loss.  Im trying to research stuff to decide on one.  Im completely overwhelmed.

I also sat down and watched American Idol.  Im so ashamed of this.  It took me until this season to get into it.  I usually just watched the beginnings to be catty.  But I really like Chris.  Im so embarressed, but his performance tonight had me in tears.  I hope he comes in second, so he doesnt get the stigmata, but he gets the fame.  Pretty much everyone else bothers me, except Taylor, since he reminds me of my dad.  Scrubs had me in tears too.  Then stupid SVU was a rerun.  I did turn on a rerun of SVU on USA, where I got to see some quality Munch and Tutuola banter, something about some nude artwork of Munch. 

Speaking of my dad, he was on the radio today.  He's got a show on 88.1 the Edge and his name is "the old guy".  It's him and two other guys that just chat and play music.  They cracked me up bitching about the price of gas recently.  I guess the station is looking forward to me moving up there, theyre getting me a spot ready too.  Its cool because its real radio AND ya'll can tune in over the interwoobs.

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today Eli came up to me with this toy game he had and said "BEST TOY EVER". No idea where he got that phrase. :-D
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