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ponytail girl

June 2010

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May 4th, 2006


<----snakes off a plane!

So we finally decided on a date to move - June 13.  So this means I get to research my ass off in the next few weeks to find a place to move into on the 15th.  Is it just me or do most landlords prefer not to start leases like that?  It's not my choice, I told Keith July 1st, for that reason, but he insists on June.  Hopefully he can get us out of this house before the end of July so we are only messed up financially for one month.  Our Uhaul is only going to set us back 700 bucks, so it was cheaper than I figured.  Our savings can totally cover the Uhaul.  its just gas and food and rent and deposit that we have to worry about.

Im definitely having some "what the heck am I thinking" moments.  Seriously- what makes me think I should move with 2 young kids and go to school?  Am I insane?  I can barely juggling house cleaning, kids, and sleep, let alone add 12-15 hours of school a week, plus studying, plus clubs, plus the radio station.  Im nuts.  The easiest thing would be for me to crawl into my shell, stay here, and make due.  But the truth is, I really don't know anyone here and I can't stand El Paso.  I need to go to school and I need to support myself.  But I am flat out terrified.

I really need to pack this house up now that I have about a month or so.  I need boxes and we need to get rid of things.  Funny, Im really not even that stressed.  Im just tired and know most of this is going to fall on me to take care of and it sucks.  I wish I had someone to drive in the gandam with me while Keith drives the truck.  Im going to be stuck with two kids by myself for 16 hours and that isnt going to be that much fun.  I guess I better start burning some CDs.

I think Ive decided to bump my radio show time to 10-12AM.  It's whats listed on Sykoradio and really, DJing from 6-8 my time is a pain in the butt.  Kids is still awake, it's dinner time, and just royally painful.  Now, 8-10 my time will be better.  Although I will wind up cutting into valuble SVU time, I'll make due, lol.  The lovely Lana (drui_en) is making me a new banner because my old one is stale and I need one with the new time.  She has an awesome new show on Tuesdays that everyone should check out to, dang it (she loves the word dang, lol).  Its trip hop and ambient goodness and has the tina seal of approval.  She and I have been hunting down new bands this week and it's been a lot of good fun.

Speaking of radio shows, my dad is on in an hour.  I just found out that I used to know one of the other DJs (Flip) way back when.  So it's pretty funny that my dad DJs with a kid my sister and I used to know.  And thats my afternoon in a nutshell.

Off to make Eli some oatmeal for lunch.  Weird kid loves his oatmeal.  He asked for it.
Oh snap!

new banner, yay!

teh new banner = teh hottness.  Yay Lana!  Thanks!

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