September 18th, 2006


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Talk like a pirate day is so sweet, I get to run around saying my last name is Wagarrrrrrrrrr and my husbands in the Arrrrrrrrrrrrrmy and I enjoy Peter Sarrrrsgarrrd who was in Garrrrrrrrrden state and is rated Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  Even Eli ran around saying ARRRRR all day long.  Good times, kids, good times.

And bad times - we know almost officially when Keith is leaving.  Its not a horrible area, but a not great area in the Iraq vicinity.  For those of you who knew anything about his last deployment, he spent a lot of time there.  Figure it out.  He's leaving sometime in the end of October beginning of Nov.  That gives you a good section to consider. I don't know the exact dates, but I do know about a week span.  Im surprisingly optimistic about the whole thing this time around.  It's weird, the more youre used to it, the less it bothers you.  Yeah, there is plenty that will suck about it, but Im working it out.  Ive been doing some research into cosmetology schools and even a massage therapy school.  Im thinking I may look into culinary school too, but the former is where Im weighing right now.  It's short, sweet, and will get me a job in case he does get out.  Im not going to college anytime soon, but its something to hold me over until I can get into school.  If I go this route, I will probably get a buisness degree and look into opening my own spa some day.  Ive always thought about it.  But anyways, the time is drawing nearer than we thought.  I just hate that he's missing 2 of Eli's bdays, 2 holidays, and 2 of Rhiannons bdays probably.  He's about done though, we'll put it that way.

The kids have been pretty good.  Elijah starts his therapy again tomorrow, although Im not sure if he needs it anymore.  I wish it was preschool.  Ive never met a kid that begs to go to school like he does.  Wont be like that in 5 years, haha.  He's been off and on sick for the past few weeks, its been going around nonstop lately.  He has a huge social life now, which keeps us fairly busy.  He's also sleeping with his door open now.  We finally got smarter than him so we can figure out what he's going to get into before he gets into it.  Only problem was the 3 AM wake up with him wanting to play this morning.  That wasn't fun.  My son has some oddly vivid nightmares from some of the things he says.

Rhiannon is now 6 and a half months.  She's starting to scooch crawl, which makes life fun.  I sweep the floors twice a day, so she can crawl on a blanket.  She did that for a bit this morning and is now passed out on the floor.  She  loves to eat anything I give her.  The wisest thing I did this time around was buy a food processor to make her food.  Saves us money on baby food and it's even healthier for her.  Yay. :)  Keith reminds me everyday how he whined about how silly buying it was, but how I was so smart to do it.  

Ive been social too...  my neighbor had her baby the other day (and her husband decided to go home the day after she got out of the hospital and leave her with two kids - idiot) so ive been helping her.  One of my other best friends here is pregnant with her first, I hang with her a lot too.  Ive also been helping another good friend look into buying a house (IE I tell her to not be an idiot).  We walk most nights, which seems to be helping as my pants are all falling off of me anymore.  One of the things I need to do when Keith leaves and we make bank is new clothing.  I weigh less now than I did when I got pregnant with Elijah.  Only difference is I have that c-section saggy belly :(

On the Hawaii/new laptop front, the house is on the market so soon as it sells, we'll get our chunk of Keith's inheritance.  I hope sooner than later, since Im borrowing this laptop and Im sure my neighbor will want it in Iraq.  Not to mention I don't want to have to deal with the paperwork if he gets it after he's gone.  The joy of POAs.

Ive been considering going to Church.  Really, serious. Unitarian Universalism to be exact.   Talk about a total hippy philosophy.  Im just not sure about showing up. Ive never done that before.  Im thinking about emailing someone about it.  Im very curious and think it could be interesing.  Plus I have no issue with my kids learning about religion, I just dont want them to be sucked into one belief system.  This church will give them that.  Not to mention I enjoy the fact that they have Tarot workshops, Pagan coffee hour, and meditation seminars.  Could be really interesting.  :)

Need to get back to cleaning up around the house, I just wanted to drop a quick update on everything.  Someone tell me it is possible to go to bed at 10, get up at least once during the night, wake up at 6 officially and run all day and not die.  I dont believe it, lol.

I love that Christmas is coming...  the holidays always make me squee.