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OOOOH, the weekend up date. Joy joy.

well, let's see. Friday I don't think I did anything. Probably not. I think I was just lazy.

Saturday, Keith got online. Of course, I was going to Cove to the park for a gathering. But I sat and talked to him for like 3 hours. When I was finally done, I drove out to Cove and hung out with everyone. Eli got loved on like he always does. He and I even went to feed the ducks. He loved it. Then heather went home with me and we hung around the house watching movies.

Yesterday, she and I went out shopping. Went to payless... didnt see crap. Went to Big Lots... I found a bedset I wanted. So I may have to nab that up eventually. Went and had a good dinner at Bennigans. Then to Walmart for gratuitous wasting of money. Yay for wasting the money.

I think I may have to surf ebay today... not to buy, just to look. *G*

another boring and pointless entry. <3
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