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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

So I know someone famous on TV. Seems a girl from my spanish class I had my junior year is on Road Rules. You can see her here. That's actually kinda cool. I may have to watch the show now. She was loud and quite a flirt. She sat like 2 people behind me. She probably would have no idea who I was now. Im really good with people and I always remember faces/names. Although you never know. After I graduated, people always told me I was well-known. But it's still kinda cool when you see people you know on TV. =)


that's cool that you went to school with christena. i like her but i'm a real world girl and i really don't like road rules. but yeah anyway, very cool.
lol, I dont watch MTV in the first place. My sister called me to tell me. She was in same class as my sister at Plant High in Tampa. I told my sister she was a liar, and then she had the pleasure of laughing in my face. =D


yes I love it when i am right. HAHAHAHAHAHA good ol plant HIGH...lol

Re: lol

I always prefered "we be high" but maybe thats just me. lol

Re: lol

notice the simalarities? Both schools had funny names and both principals fell off their roofs? One died and one became a quadropalegic? (cant spell that)....LOl geez was it us or something?

Re: lol

I think so man. We sure seemed to screw up the system in every school we were in.