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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

first off, I want to say Happy Bday to lokidude. Brandon, thanks for being there the past few years, sitting with me through my glucose testings, always making me laugh, and just being awesome. Next time Im back home, I'll take ya for fazoli's or UpChuck o' rama. You're an awesome guy and I hope nothing for the best for you. And I hope you get your net back soon, I miss yacking with you.

I talked to keith today, he's doing... okay... you know how it goes. he's tired and wants to come home. But who doesnt when theyre over there, right? It was a quick call because he had to leave because of an emergency... watch CNN, you'll figure it out. I felt bad too because I was doing what I always do when Im upset. I tease about things that upset me. I was telling him he wouldnt be home until late Feb because he would miss another of my bdays, that we shouldnt say we've been married two years since we havent been together 2 years, and then I started teasing him about the Playstation and TV he wants to buy. He knows I was joking, but I feel bad nonetheless. Especially when it was like a 10 minute call.

I've just been feeling so blah today. Ive been just walking away from the internet and leaving it running. I did that when I made dinner (homemade spaghetti sauce and meatballs... turned out really good. quick as well) and while I've been spacing out watching the boob tube. Im actually looking forward to Beth's and my walk tomorrow. Im hoping all this stress will come out in 2 miles. That and Im going to try and not drink anything but the occasional coffee and stick with water. I bought some lemons so it makes water sound tastier. lol

Im going to play around for a bit and then get in bed to watch Nip/tuck. Try to be asleep around 12 or so. Hope everyone else is doin well.

and because I can, things I have learned

- Bam Magera is hotter than I remember. I hope Eli turns out like him, destroying my house and wrecking havoc, haha
- Steve-o is insane,
- Sponge Bob is the STUPIDEST show EVER.
- Roseanne is the best show ever.
- Full House is retarded. I cant believe I used to watch it.
- I really miss music videos. =(


Yeahhhh walk. i dunno why i'm actually excited to go walk?? WTF?? i think it's cause i know it'll make me feel better, and at least i'll get to laff some with ya, cause you always make me laff! ;)
no no no
spongebob = excellent