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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

so I got my license redone Feb 6. Do the math, 2 months ago. My temp license expires tomorrow and I still havent recieved it in the mail. So I got on the phone with the DMV this morning. The woman who answered the phone was extrememly rude to me...

DMV: greeting, blah blah, how can I help you?
Tina: Hello, I came in 2 months ago to get my license renewed, I still have not recieved it in the mail. Could you help me with this please?
DMV: uh, there are 2 people working and a huge line. We're too busy right now. Call back later and maybe we can help you. Bye. *click*

Ok, you know what? When I went in there, there were 2 people working and I waited an hour and a half for a 2 minute procedure. They helped people on the phone and in line. So this means unless they help me in the next 36 hours, I wont be able to drive anywhere. That's some serious crap. Im so mad about it. Customer service my ass. They said 4-6 weeks to get it and now, I have nothing. I know the DMV is notorious for being rude, but they should have taken 5 minutes to help. Im so mad and Im trying to figure out what to do about it. Grrr.

Keith and I chatted for like 20 minutes this morning. No one has sent him anything over there except for a random little girl living in Florida. One of those annon. letters. His bday is in 4 weeks. If anyone on my friends list is feeling nice, could you send him a letter or something? He's feeling depressed and that no one cares about him. Leave me a comment and I will email you his address. He's extrememly upset (even though he won't say so) about it. So take some pity. Do it for the tina. =)


I'd be happy to send a care package! E-mail me.
What's his addy? I'll send him some fun stuff and munchies :)
tell ya what ... i am broke right now but am more than happy to send him a letter. email me the addy and i will get it in the mail tomorrow. wanna send one to jason? he is going through the same shit...
send me his address I will send what I can.

Anything I can do to cheer up the boys pounding the ground over there, I know I would want someone to do it for my husband.