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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

I forgot to mention as I was flying into Phoenix, I saw the grand canyon! It was way cool. I had never seen it before, at least that I could remember. And Phoenix is soooo dirty. :) There is no grass there. Just lots of dirt. Very deserty. I don't think I would like to live in Arizona. It's too hot and dry. Of course, it's too hot and humid for me here. Funny how I loved Florida. and then I got away and came back. Now I wonder why I liked it so much. It's too dang hot.

We woke up this morning and went to breakfast at Egg Platter (yum!) with one of mom's friends. Then we went to the commisary and I had my first run in with military shopping since my mom got out in '99. It was quite nice to see things so cheap!! We bought some fruit and healthy stuff for the trip. I maintained control, and the worst thing we bought was granola bars and peanut butter graham crackers. So I should be good on my sugar addiction.

I have 3 mosquito bites!! Im hardly outdoors enough for them to get me, and yet I've been chomped. Stupid things. I hate bug bites.

I guess I get to see incriminating photos of Keith today. I am so looking forward to that!!! You have no idea. I love pictures. Im a photo junkie!!


First thing I did was show my fiance all the bad picies of me so when my family tried to show him everything to piss me off he said things like "Oh I saw that one before." And "This one looks familiar" they were pissed that they didn't get a reaction out of either of us. HAHA!
Make sure you take lots of pics of him at grad etc...they are some of the best memories you will ever have..i took four rolls of pics :) and we only saw Michael a total of 24 hrs when we were there...Plus he might like to have them..the guys don't get alot of time to take pics with their buddies...i have all these picture of Mike with all these guys i have no idea who they are but I know that he will enjoy them when he FIANNLY gets home to see them!!
(they are in a cute little scrapbook i made for him! so I hope he likes it!)
Yes, Arizona has NOTHING but desert for the most part. Everything is very spread out from each other, believe me, this place sucks heheh :]