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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

so about a month or so ago, Arwyn got hungry and decided to EAT my DVD remote (and a few other things, but that's another story). So no big deal, I just cant have my infamous subtitles or go through scenes. No big deal. Figured I'd get a universal remote eventually. So I was loaned some DVDs from Beth (gothika, texas chainsaw masacre, and some other horror move... cant remember off the top of my head.). In leu of this wonderful Texass weather we're having, the cable goes out. So I put on Gothika. Im about an hour into it, and the power goes out (not to mention the phone calls my power killed today). So now, I have to restart the movie so it runs through everything I have seen already. Joy. It's still got a while to go. And I think another storm cell is coming through for a grand total of three for today. Its been plesant though. I have the front door open so I can watch through the glass door. It's made me get my butt of the computer and do some cleaning and rearranging. Maybe I will even start to attempt to hang things on the wall, though I doubt it. Too short. lol

We went over to Beth's last night so the boys could dye easter eggs. Eli threw one egg in a cup and wanted to drink the egg-dye-water. So needless to say, Easter is pretty pointless to him. Let them all decorate some cookies, and Eli just wanted to eat his. Beth's son decided frosting tasted better straight out of the tube rather than decorating the cookies. It was fun though. I can't wait until Eli gets bigger so he can start doing all the fun things involved in holidays. Took lots of pics (on my disposable camera and Beth's digi) so if any come out decent, we'll post them. We're having a Easter breakfast at IHOP in the morning. Should be fun. Beth: Cheerio ol' chap. See you in the morning for tea and crumpets. ;)

Eli went to bed at 10:30 and slept until noon. He's my kid alright. =D

Oh and when we were driving to the commisary yesterday, this song came on that was on one of Beths CDs. It sounded a wee like the rivet cat song. AND IT WAS!!! We both died laughing. I couldnt get the image out of my head. The full song is awesome though. Much love for the rivet cat (those that are lost see icon... I WANT LIGHT BEER!).


You could set captioning on your tv and watch it that way!
Haha, Cheerio to you too old tit twat, hehehe. i woulda put the pix up yesterday, but see, our power outage LASTED TILL 5pm! Fucken weather, here i tell my parents they will love it here, all nice and warm and sunny, HA. FUCKEN HA. Shit ASS TEXASS. Got your message, am calling you in a bit and your bringing your ass over for dinner since you didnt come to breakfast, which wasnt all that good anyways. :< Ah well. Gonna go watch Revolutions now, PT finally got the bike thing, thus the purchase of the movie. Later Ol' Chap.